We are encouraging you to donate to undocumented students. Please consider donating or sharing; our communities appreciate any form of solidarity. 

Where will the money from this Fund go?
With your support to the UndocuProfessionals Scholarship Fund, we can award scholarships to undocumented black students, undocumented students in the LGBTQ community, and undocumented students who are unemployed (that didn't qualify for unemployment benefits) and didn't receive a stimulus check because this administration excludes them. These are students that are both DACA recipients and non-DACA recipientsEach recipient will be awarded $500 from the UndocuProfessionals Scholarship Fund and will highlight each recipient at the UndocuProfessionals social media platforms. Please support some of the most vulnerable and overlooked community members. 

With your support, the UndocuProfessionals Network community will be able to have the opportunity to apply for a scholarship, something that is not available at this time. I am setting the bar high and aiming to provide over 20 awards for undocumented students, and I know that together we can make it happen. Any support to the UndocuProfessionals Scholarship Fund will be appreciated.

Having the opportunity to provide scholarships to undocumented students will remind them that they are not alone and that We believe in them!  


Donate to the UndocuProfessionals Network and or a specific initiative that you would like to help.


Please contact us for sponsorship inquiries via email: UndocuProfessionalsconference@gmail.com

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