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UndocuProfessionals Merch

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Local Vendors

Shop from vendors by undocumented people, for undocumented people

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Shop from brands by undocumented people, for undocumented people

Illegal Drip

Ethically sourced Apparel by Undocumented Immigrants

I started Illegal Drip to blend m and advocacy together. As an undocumented artist, I wanted to create something that raise awareness and represent us by us. I wanted to build a platform and agency within our community and I used clothing and art as vessel.
- Bo Thai

Local Organizations

Donate to organizations that support Undocumented Professionals

This site is still being developed as our network grows. Add your organization, story or resources to our network and join our community in empowing undocumented professionals. Fill out the contact form below to add to our growing network of information, join the mailing list to stay up to date and get weekly updates, or click here to submit your story.


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