Miguel Pimentel M.A.

Academic Counselor

UndocuProfessional to me means that it is our responsibility to share our knowledge and wisdom with others in order to create change...

Miguel's Story

Miguel Pimentel was born in Puruaran, Michoacán Mexico, but came to the US when he was 11 yrs old. He graduated from California State University East Bay (CSUEB) in 2012 with a double B.A in Ethnic Studies and Spanish. As an undocumented student in college, he was able to navigate the system in which he became the first in his family to attend and graduate from a 4-year university. He qualified to apply under DACA Executive Order that allowed him to work legally in the U.S. During his undergraduate journey at CSUEB, Miguel was very involved on campus. He joined MEChA, Students for Quality Education, Chicanx Latinx Graduation Committee, and right before he graduated, he founded Leading Educated Allied Dreamers (LEAD), a campus organization that provided awareness and support for undocumented students.

Being part of those organizations, it validated Miguel’s experiences as an undocumented student and his existence in this country.
After successfully graduating he began to work in the education field. He worked at a public charter school in East Oakland where he served as an Office Assistant, Parent Activities Coordinator, Advisor, College and Academic Counselor’s Aide, After School Educator, and Executive Assistant to the Assistant Principal of Middle School Students. He was selected among 200 people around the world to participate at a Family Engagement Institute at Harvard University. In May 2017, he was selected to participate at a Conference in New York City with other 120 undocumented students (Dreamers) across the nation. After successfully graduating he began to work in the education field becoming an #undocuprofessional.

In 2017 he was offered a job at his alma mater at Cal State East Bay to work as an Administrative Support Coordinator for the Sophomore Transition Enrichment Program (STEP), a campus program to support with the retention and degree attainment of second year students. In 2018, Miguel took a new role in the STEP Program and became the program’s Academic Counselor.

He graduated in May 2019 with his M.A Degree in Education/Counseling and Student Personnel from San Jose State University’s Counselor Education Graduate Program and is working on clearing his PPS Credential, Child Welfare and Attendance Credential and the Associate Professional Clinical Counselor Credential (APCC) from the Commission on Teacher Credentialing and the Board of Behavioral Sciences from the State of California. He plans to pursue a Doctorate Degree. His vast professional experiences include being part of the Migrant Education Program known as MSLI at the UCLA in which he applied and participated. MSLI was a program that prepares high school students with the knowledge and resources to go to college. While at MSLI, he learned about undocumented students in college, the different types of higher education, financial aid, different test requirements, bilingual education, immigrant rights, and a lot more. The youngest of one hundred participants, he left the program ready to return to his East Bay community and make a change by spreading his knowledge he had acquired. In 2018, he was initiated to be part of Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society at San Jose State University. In 2019, he was nominated and selected to receive the CSUEB 40 under 40 award. The 40 Under 40 award program identifies alumni age 40 or younger who have demonstrated dedication, excellence and development in their professional, philanthropic and personal endeavors.

He is co-authoring a book called YOU ARE NOT ALONE: RECIPES TO OBTAIN SUCCESS BY STUDENTS FOR STUDENTS and wrote two chapters. One on undocumented students: tips to succeed in higher education and the other one is my story titled: Making my Dream a Reality: DACAmented Counselor in Higher Education. Will let us know once the book is out so we can read it!


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