Date/Times: September 14th - September 18th 2020 10-1PM PST

Presented by the Undocumented community for the Undocumented Community & Allies

The UndocuProfessionals Virtual Conference is a nationwide conference. UndocuProfessional in all career panels and workshops will be joining us from all the U.S.


April 14th: Virtual conversation

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Join us in this virtual conversation as we facilitate a conversation with Mecir Ureta, Counselor & Coordinator of Undocumented Student Resources Center at Cal Poly Pomona, also #daca recipient himself and Alonso Reyna Rivarola, Assistant Director Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs at Salt Lake Community College to hear from experts as well as your fellow attendees on questions such as: •How can we better assist the undocumented students and communities during a health crisis? •How can you as a student being undocumented an a non-traditional students who may be juggling duties like eldercare, childcare, work, and school be better assisted? •How are you taking care of your well being? •What questions you have about grade policies? •How can we better support undocumented students? What is your campus doing to support you? ****************** Who Should Attend: If your are an undocumented student pursuing in higher ed institutions or prospective student this includes Community Colleges or 4- year Universities. If your working in higher ed institutions and work with undocumented students. All undocumented communities are welcomed! • If you are looking for a space to connect with others, ask questions, and share ideas with the broader higher ed community around the current coronavirus crisis • As COVID-19 continues to be an ever-evolving situation, we can’t provide you with hard-and-fast answers. But we can make space for open discussion and idea sharing based on both our speakers’ expertise and the experiences of the rest of the audience. • You will leave with a clearer understanding of how other campuses are responding and ideas for how this can better assist you to make decisions and continue to move forward. • Lastly, to be reminded that you are not alone and together we can better support each other! • Any questions/comments/please share ⬇️⬇️⬇️ • #undocumentedandunafraid #undocumentedcommunity #undocuprofessionals #undocumentedimmigrants #undocumentedstudents #daca #undocugrad #undocuconvo #supportingundocumentedstudents #supportingundocumentedfamilies #supportingundocumentedyouth #supportingeachother #undocumedia #undocumentedandeducated #advoca

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