Sharet Garcia

UndocuProfessionals Founder

Sharet Garcia was born in Oaxaca, Mexico; she is an indigenous woman, first-generation Latina, a counselor, and an assistant professor in the community college setting. She is currently a DACA beneficiary, mother, student, entrepreneur, and advocate of the undocumented community. Ms. Garcia is currently pursuing her doctorate in Education and beginning her dissertation this Fall 2020. She single-handedly started the UndocuProfessionals platform without having any experience in social media. Her motivation was that she didn't find safe spaces for undocumented professionals. Therefore Sharet decided to create it. Not to mention that due to the anti-immigrant climate and now a pandemic, the needs were even more significant. Within a year, the UndocuProfessionals had over 4K followers on her social media account. Today, she is eager to continue to assist the undocumented communities because she understands the challenges of being an undocumented student transitioning to be a professional. She understands the immense difficulties that come with being undocumented when it comes to deciding a career path and hopes to bring opportunities to the next generations to choose.

Ana Sandoval Contreras

UndocuProfessionals Virtual Conference Coordinator

Ana was born in Puebla, Mexico, and came to the U.S at the age of nine. She is an incoming fourth-year student at the University of California, Davis studying Sociology and Chicano/a Studies with a minor in Education. As a first-generation and undocumented student, Ana shares the struggles we face as undocumented students and individuals. Her passion and commitment to supporting students to pursue higher Education started when she first navigated the college application process and hoped to continue to help students navigate their college journey as a future educator in the education field or non-profit sector. Being undocumented, Ana has learned to live with her own identity and thrive in many settings and Higher Education being one of them. She is more than happy to connect with any student in need of a mentor, friend, or support system. Her own experiences in Higher Education have shaped her ambitions and resilience to keep growing.

Jensy Matute

UndocuProfessionals Virtual Conference Assistant

Jensy was born in Juticalpa, Honduras, and migrated to the United States with her mother when she was two years old. She is currently a Senior at Florida International University studying Public Relations and Criminal Justice as a minor. She is a dedicated TheDream.US Scholar, DACA recipient, and passionate advocate for her undocumented community. She is currently the President and founder of the student organization 'Here to Dream' at FIU, an organization meant to hold a safe and supportive space for students and allies of the undocumented community. After graduation, she plans to work in education, ensuring that undocumented students and underprivileged students can receive a meaningful education no matter their background. With the help of family, friends, and mentors around her, she dedicates to giving back to her community and being the voice for the voiceless.

Moris Gomez

UndocuProfessionals Virtual Conference Assistant

Moris was born in San Salvador, El Salvador, and immigrated to the United States at three. He is currently a DACA recipient and is studying International Development Studies at UCLA. Moris is also the oldest of three younger siblings and assists his single mother, who is also undocumented, run a beauty salon in South Central, Los Angeles. Moris helped his mother finance the small business establishment in February 2020 and created all its media platforms. At the moment, he manages its finances and runs its Instagram, Facebook, and website. Owning a business provided his mother with job security and enough flexibility to tend to Moris' younger siblings. Seeing the benefits of entrepreneurship through his mother's experience instilled in him a passion for encouraging others to initiate their businesses. Soon, he hopes to start his non-profit, which helps undocumented entrepreneurs become business owners via legal and financial services. Moris enjoys spending time with his younger siblings in his free time, playing soccer, and hiking with friends.

Raphael Louis

UndocuProfessionals Virtual Conference Assistant

Raphael Louis was born in Haiti and came to the US at the age of 12. His family took refuge in Miami after a devastating earthquake hit his country. Since he arrived, he dedicated himself to becoming an environmental advocate/manager and someday contributing to managing environmental issues in the Caribbean. Through his diligent work, coupled with his friends and mentors' support, he excelled academically and throughout his career. He committed to his dream has been recognized by many scholarship and fellowship foundations, including the Posse Foundation and the Gates Millennium Foundation. He attended Franklin and Marshall College and graduated in 2019. Now He is at the University of San Francisco, pursuing a master's in Environmental Management. Raphael strongly believes in giving back; thus, he would be more than happy to connect with anyone who needs a support system.

Eduardo Lopez

Web Developer

Eduardo Lopez was born in Oaxaca, Mexico, and brought to the US at an early age. In his first years of school, he was inspired to become an architect and set his goal to attend UCLA. As the years went by, he was disillusion by the status barriers, and he eventually dropped out of High School. He felt far from the Dreamer Narrative and felt hopeless until he found art therapy. Mr. Lopez sought ways to express himself with digital Media and began to incorporate it into his career. He began working with freelance gigs in photography, web design, and graphic design. Today, Eduardo uses his skills to help people and groups like Undocuprofessionals. Mr. Lopez is a cinematographer for a Video Production team and a Creative Director for an Apparel Collective. He strives to help others in his situation to achieve success in their careers and promote mental health and wellness through art.

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