Our belief is that an undocumented professional should have a clear pathway to achieving their career goals. We aim to do this by creating an environment of mentorship and community with a sustainability that allows for the next generations to have the possibility of choosing.


To create a safe platform for the undocumented communities to highlight their experiences from student as they transition to professionals. The 3 main goals is to: build community, networking and empowering


We believe that undocumented professionals should not be discriminated because of their legal status. Our primary goal is to create a new level of opportunity for undocumented professionals. Through our community we can break down the barriers that so many face when completing their education and entering the workforce.We strive to work with schools, business and larger companies to adopt career pathways and nondiscriminatory policies towards professionals that are undocumented.


Undocumented Professionals, Artists and Activists

Growing Up #Undocumented was something I knew but didn’t realize what it really meant till I hit my late 20s. Having to be an adult and find a job became something scary and exhausting as you had to pick and choose who hired folks like me. Not to mention that they weren’t always the highest paying jobs. Fast forward to my late 20s. I didn’t qualify for #daca due to some unfortunate events...I felt even more alienated. Which also caused some depression and more anxiety. I carried a lot of fears and was an ”emotional mess.” As the years went by I landed Nannie job. I became a Nannie and did that for 5 years. The pay was good but Something in me felt incomplete, tired, and I wasn’t happy. I would always ask myself “is this everything for me?” In 2018 I was blessed to get Free Therapy sessions that I believed changed my life. I learned so much about myself and had to unlearn patterns and traumas that came with being Undocumented which I wasn’t aware off. Now I think of being Undocumented as my power....The power to grow, to go after my dreams to dream BIG! I started to create and believe in myself and currently run two business. I have my photography and jewelry line. They both started out of me needing and wanting a creative outlet but also to have something on my own. I’ve also became a content creator and work with shops. It’s been a beautiful experience. It’s been almost a year and growing. I didn’t start with a plan,budget, actually I had no idea. I just started. It’s been a year and my jewelry line is growing and I get a lot of inquires for shoots. I run my business full time and it’s become my main income(s). It’s definitely not easy but it brings me joy💕Money is just the cherry on top. I’m still learning and growing. Pushing myself to do more and I have more hope and feel more confident in my journey and my power.

Yaquelin Hernandez

Photographer and entrepreneur

My parents brought me to the U.S at the age of three, I grew up in south central LA, finished high school and found out that I was not able to continue my education. I was forced to work in downtown LA, selling soft drinks in the streets and later managing to get a job selling televisions and other electronics. As time went by I found the opportunity to continue my education, went to community college, transferred to CSULB and graduated with a BA in film and television studies. Found myself being the only POC in most my film college experience. The lack of diversity and opportunity was overwhelming, in and outside of school. As I have continued my journey as an undocumented filmmaker, I have used my art to continue to fight for inclusion of all undocumented creators with my organization UNDOCUCINEMA, this platform / movement has helped bring a light to those creators whom are starting to pursue a career in the film and television industry. UndocuCinema is slowly growing in the long run we hope to create a film festival dedicated to our stories and provide scholarships for those undocumented creators pursing a career in the arts. As for me personally I will continue to create art that can inspire and motivate my community. Con o Sin Papeles, Si Se Puede! With or without papers we will thrive!

Carlos Mendez

Founder of Undocucinema

Moved to the US at the age of 18. I went to adult school, learned English and looked for opportunities to go to college. While I was in community college I used to sell stuff at the sweetmeets to have some income and help my family. I thought I was an AB540 student until I attended a 4 year university And was classified as International Student. Knocking on different doors I was able to get a scholarship that helped me to cover the costs of university. It was there when I got involved with organizations of #undocumentedstudents . From 2006 - 2009 I was part of student organization at CSULA helping undocumented students to continue with their higher education. DACA came into my life until 2015, three years after it was announced. It was here when I realized that the real change doesn't come with a SSN or a card, the real change comes with a change of mentality. The real change is done by you, as individual who really wants to make a difference in your life. As time went by I have worked as accountant and have had the opportunity to own a clothing store. Today I work as accountant in the non profit sector, and I also do consulting on my side. Life can be ugly or beautiful, depending on what side we see of it. It is when I took responsibility of my life when I began to live and not depend on a legislation that can 'save' my life. Today I am an accountant with ten years of experience in the non profit sector, I am a public notary with the state of California, I do consulting on my side as Radiant Consulting and continue preparing myself for the next level in grad school.

Jorge Alvarez

Accountant, activist and entrepreneur!


By Undocumented Professionals, for Undocumented Professionals

Christian J

I worked in grocery stores, warehouses and retail stores. Until I got my DACA 4 years ago I am now 32 years old. I started Real Estate 3 years ago and it changed me life completely....

Javier Juarez

As I looked at myself in my reflection of the same mirrors I cleaned 20 years prior, the reflection of my father behind me appeared, and he was still cleaning those toilets so one day his son could have the opportunities he never had...

Diego Corzo

I have DACA and I am a Dreamer. I wrote a post sharing my story and shared a picture of the taxes I paid in 2016 of over $28,000. I mentioned that I didn’t ‘steal’ anyone’s jobs. I earned them through hard work...

Alex Alpharaoh

I applied for advance parole so I could visit my ailing grandfather in Guatemala and was able to go back for the first time since having leftover 30+ years ago. Upon returning, I wrote my solo show based on those experiences...

Monica Cornejo

As an undocumented immigrant, I hope that my research can help create resources and tools for other undocumented immigrants—not just those who are labeled as “DREAMers”, but for all...

Xiomara Sanchez

I like to see my immigration journey as that of a personal discovery where I have not only found my purpose but also learned the value of family, persistence and commitment...

Mecir A.

Unite and empower our communities leading with the heart while carrying on the legacy of the originals DREAMERS, Mis padres...

Carlos Mendez

As I have continued my journey as an undocumented filmmaker, I have used my art to continue to fight for inclusion of all undocumented creators with my organization UNDOCUCINEMA...


By the Undocumented Community for the Undocumented Community

Ed Lopez,

Content Creator & Web Designer

Ed Lopez is an 🦋 creative professional working in freelance Web and Graphic design. "My goal is to share my skills and help empower professionals alike...

Sharet Garcia, M.A.

Founder, Counselor, Educator

UndocuProfessionals was formed out of the needs for answers to transition from an undocumented student to an undocumented professional...

Mitzi Martinez,

Mentorship Program Coordinator

My name is Mitzi Martinez, and I grew up in Los Angeles, CA. I am passionate about leadership development and building equitable spaces for all to thrive...


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